Party of the Century, Empire City : Glamorous 1920s


The much awaited day arrives and I was ready to have a blast!  Weather and traffic did not hinder me from making my way over to Empire City and it was not a let down at all!  I’m already in awe when I arrive at Empire City’s entrance.


The stage on the Olympic Size Skating Ring

The hall took my breathe away. Although from the outside, you see massive construction, the internal transformation is breathtaking!  We were hosted in the soon to be Olympic Ice Skating Ring!  While we waited for the celebrities to arrive, we were served drinks and canapes.


Fanfare can be heard when celebrities arrives – TBV Artists Him Law, Sharon Chan, Eliza Sum, Mark Vincent, 2AM, Taboo etc.. even more so when Paris Hilton made her way in. Alas I was not able to snap a picture with her as the crowd was too overwhelming.  The event started with 2AM performing on stage.  They serenaded the crowd beautifully and K-Pop fans went dreamy.


Next up we had Mark Vincent from Australia’s Got Talent.  My goodness, they don’t say his tenor is good for nothing.  He just captured everyone’s breathe with his rendition of Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up.  I managed to capture a snippet of it (pardon the sound quality).


Mark Vincent’s rendition of Josh Gorban’s You Raise Me Up

Later we were treated to another rendition by Mark. This time it’s Beyonce’s Halo.

If you think my night is plain with just celebrities performing on stage, we were treated to more surprises!  We were treated to acrobatics show with a hanging violinist, Caitlin De Ville.




Everyone’s attention was up at Caitlin and the four acrobatics dancers which just uses their legs to twist and support themselves with the cloth hanging from the ceiling. Spectacular and mesmerizing!

And there was more! We witness a pair of the fastest painter and yes they finished painting two portraits in 10-15mins? What a way to paint freestyle and I even caught one of the painter doing some jiggle to the music while painting.



Took a break and it was time for the owner of Empire City, Dato Sean Ng to officiate the launch after the earlier splendid performances. Spectacular drum performance and it ended with dragon whizzing above us! I caught it all on video and nearly missed that dragon!


DSC_9463The Management Team of Empire City toasting with the launch of Empire City, A City Within A City

The crowd is now all hyped up and ready to party.  Who else you think went on stage to entertain us all?


DSC_9507 copy

YES!! It’s non other than Paris Hilton. She was spinning and dj-ing for us and you can see the crowds swinging and dancing along.

DSC_9531 copy Right after Paris, we have Taboo which really pumped and work out the whole crowd. Practically everyone is dancing. Best part Taboo danced with us all too!!

The night then ended with DJ Ken taking over the console and some continued partying away into the night, some mingling catching up, some snapping pictures and for me and my partner, it was time to head home.

We had a fabulous night out and thank you to Empire City for the invitation to Party of the Century themed Glamorous 1920s. It was indeed a glamorous night and best part is I have beautiful memories to keep reminding me of the great night I had!

IMG_8217 IMG_8225

Ohh yeah! I had a photo taken with Him Law himself! ngek ngek ngek, don’t be jealous! >.<

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The Party of the Century at Empire City, Damansara Perdana

You can see the massive development taking place as you cruise along Lebuhraya-Damansara-Puchong (LDP).  Empire City is a 30 acre mixed use development in Damansara Perdana.  City of Lifestyle & Entertainment, it aims to be the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing, all within a self-contained city that balances business with leisure.


It has a huge retail area, 8 corporate towers and office suites, 3 international 5+ star and 5 star hotels and a cinema themed hotel.  Built around the 5 pillars that are at the core of Empire City ~ Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture, Empire City also offers the world’s first cinematic multi-projection theatre, Olympic-specification ice rink, Asian Food Street etc… Are you excited yet?

invite cover

23rd January 2015, The Party of the Century ~ A Night Only as Bright as Its Stars brings us a star-studded night with the world’s top artistes and performers. Theme as Glamorous 1920’s, there will be special performances by International Artistes.

Think Paris Hilton, Taboo of Black Eye Peas, Mark Vincent ……


and even the renowned Korean group – 2AM!!


OK my heart is pumping very hard already knowing that all these artiste will be there! But there’s more ohhlala…..


Him Law 羅仲謙, Sharon Chan 陳敏之 and Eliza Sum 岑麗香 will also be there to party!

How not to have my heart beating so fast for I know I will be there!! Now let’s see if I can get real close to ALL of them, rub a bit of shoulders and take a picha!!


The Party of the Century happening on 23rd January 2015 is the place to be! Time to arrange babysitter for the kids, loosen my hair and party away!

Stalk Party of the Century FB page and see if you too can score an invite and join me there for an invite only red carpet event.  We will get to see for one night only Empire City comes to live with bright lights, live entertainment and glamorous style!
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Mr Dakgalbi @ Solaris Mont Kiara

We were in Solaris Mont Kiara area one Saturday evening and decided to try out Mr Dakgalbi.  It was crowded that night and we were seated at a corner.


See the “fire pit” in the middle?  Wok action will take place there soon!  We ordered a set and this big pan arrived.


Our set consists of ramen and rice.



Set to cook for the family. We are hungry and hope it cook faster!

IMG_7748Once the vegetables and meat is cooked, ramen was added and cook through.

Ramen was good. We were quite full by the time we finished the ramen but we still has the rice to go.


This is the fried rice with cheese. Overall, very tasty and we ended up packing half of it back home as we were too full already.

It was a nice experience to have your food cook right in front of you.  Really hot off the pan!