PLAY-DOH : Shape a Colorful Community


What have you been doing with the kids?  We received a stack of Play-Doh and got ourselves busy creating sculptures with it.  In line with Play-Doh’s current campaign “Shape a  Colourful Community” we created something that represents Malaysia with us just recently celebrating Malaysia Day, this is a great opportunity for the kids to think and come out with what they think Malaysia represents.


My cheeky just turned 6 years old boy with the stack of Play-Doh. Can’t wait to open and start sculpturing!


I found the quality of Play-Doh has improved tremendously when I was first introduced to it dragon years ago (yeah Play-Doh has been around for over 50 years! and no I’m not reaching fifties yet!! :p) It’s non sticky nor gives you a weird chemical odor.  Easy to mould, I enjoyed my session sculpturing too.


Stacks of colourful Play-Dohs…

While sculpturing, we found that we are missing some colours that we need.  So it’s reference to the colour wheel and best part about Play-Doh, you can mix and blend colors together to get a different colour!


So here it’s another great learning opportunity.  Mix green and red will get you brown!


Tiny busy hands at work sculpturing…..


Rolling away…Now what are we creating??

Before we show our masterpiece, join Play-Doh to create the best Play-Doh sculptures and be part of The Malaysia Book of Records attempt!

Play-Doh will be at 1 Utama Ground Floor Highstreet from September 21st to 27th where adults and children alike get the chance to create their own Malaysia-inspired masterpieces out of Play-Doh.  Participate in The Malaysia Book of Records attempt for the most Play-Doh sculptures created in a single day on September 26th (Saturday) and have it on display for all to admire. The most creative sculptures will win exciting Play-Doh prizes!

And now, presenting to your our Masterpieces of what Malaysia represents to us……


The World of Festivities where all race comes together to have big celebrations be it Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Hari Raya.



With festivities, comes food….. next creation that we will be embarking on will be all about food!

Don’t forget to join us at the Play-Doh Roadshow this coming Saturday, 26 September 2015 at 10am, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Highstreet New Wing.

Let us all Shape a Colorful Community and celebrate Play-Doh Day! :)

DIY Pinata

My ‘lil boss requested to have a birthday party and with it comes a request for a pinata. We have not held parties for the longest that I can remember and so decided to have a small do for him with families and close friends.

Went round checking out ready-made pinatas and found that it’s not worth the price to pay. Thus I decided to DIY my own pinata. The catch is my ‘lil boss wants a dinosaur pinata!


Blew up a balloon to the required size. This will be the main “body”. The gloss you see on the balloon is because I spread a thin layer of vaseline on it. This will enable the balloon to separate easily from the paper mache.

For the glue, opted for cheaper version. Bought tapioca flour. Mix required amount with some tap water and added boiling hot water to the paste. Important to continue mixing it and voila! you get your own DIY glue as well.  Yea yea I’m a cheapo but just think of the amount of glue I’ll be using if store bought!


Started the paper mache by layering it on the balloon. I think I layered about 5-6 times all over the balloon and left it to dry. Tried layering 2 layers, left to dry but the balloon pop in the midst of drying and the shape went out. Thus layered everything at one go and left to dry a few days.  You need to ensure it’s thoroughly dried so that the shape stays.


After the “body” dried completely, it’s time to construct the other body parts. This is the tough for me… Papers, masking tape, toilet rolls all came into play.


Then again paper mache to cover all those masking tapes and also to ensure that the body parts stays in place. A few layers of paper mache for this and left to dry.


Once the whole pinata is completely dry, it’s time to pop the balloon.  I cut an opening and ensured that it’s big enough for my hand to go in as we need to thread in a wire so that you can hang the pinata.  Took out the deflated balloon as well.


Important to ensure that your wire is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your goodies that you will be inserting into the body of the pinata.


Inside view of the pinata body. It’s smooth all over due to the think layer of vaseline but worry not, it’s not oily at all.  I re-enforced the hole where I poked the wire through with masking tape.


After inserting all your goodies, tape shut the slits. Now comes to the tedious and fun part – decorating your pinata. Cut stripes of crepe papers and starting glueing it to the pinata. It is really tedious as you want to ensure that all parts of newspaper are covered and crepe papers are really fragile when wet.  So do not spread too much glue on it while you are doing this. I used my DIY glue for this as well.






Taa-daa my completed DIY pinata. Yea yea my niece said it look more like a turtle than a dinosaur :p

Well this is a tame dinosaur and the most important is my ‘lil boss likes it.  For me, it’s a feeling of great accomplishment having to DIY this pinata for him. Now I just hope he is able to knock it open for the goodies to fall out!


Art Attack at home!

Phew!  Two weeks came and went by in a blink of an eye. The kids are now back in school and the daily routine is back!

This time round we did not travel far for the holidays as Cavan had to face exam when school begins. Thus we stayed in the city and went to Discoveria in AvenueK and also paid Vitagen Factory a visit (their favourite drink!).  Will share more on this later. We also went to the cinema and watched San Andreas and Jurassic World! :D

Over the weekend, we planned to do some art and as they were excited and inspired by dinosaurs, they ended up creating something else and not what we have planned earlier. Let’s take a look….


The two brother all set and ready…


We had these instant pics taken last year and they have been around.  Cavan and Caden took them and decided to “frame” it up.


Inspired by Dinosaurs, they decided to make a Dino frame.IMG_0227

After drawing the outline of a Dino, Cavan cut the shape out.


Let’s hope those pics fit.  Okay, now onwards to Caden. It’s teamwork afterall.


It fits but looks a bit plain… so Koko need to help a bit now…

IMG_0230Place the two pics underneath this yellow paper. Can you see the faint pics below? Now draw the box or outline of these two pics.


Taa-dahh… now to paste this unto the Dino’s body.


Paste those two pics on it….


Arrange it neatly….


Final touches to the Dino. It need eyes….


Have my beloved Rex as a guide…..


And we’re done!  We now have our very own Dino (Rex) Photo Frame!

What we intended to do was actually a Zig Zag Photo Frame inspired by Art Attack that the boys watched on Disney channel (Astor Ch 615) that is viewed every Saturday and Sunday at 12noon. They now have a new host Marco and it gives them entertainment and ideas of what can be used to create beautiful crafts from our daily items.

Guess as long as both are happy and work on something together be it very simple, it gives them the brotherhood bond. Until the next craft time….