CNY 2012 Preparation

I’m truly totally not prepared for the coming CNY which is happening this weekend!!..helppp yelppp!! Not one single deco is up in my house. It’s totally BARE!!!

The only two things that I managed to do is clean the house which is still underway and completing by tonight or tomorrow night. The other thing is trying out this new snack DIY. Guess the era of Arrowheads aka “nga ku” is taking a backseat and this new snack is hitting the town like crazy. Not only this, I saw lotus roots as well but well, I’ll keep that for another year to try. Also heard fried onions, hhmm another snack DIY on my list.

This year with time not on my side, this easy peasy crabstick snack will do :)) Bought these packs of flavoured crab sticks from the hypermarket.

thaw the crabsticks thoroughly

unfold them gently and stack em up!

slice them up! and you’re ready for frying…

A note that I find tearing them up in pieces from their original stick form is much faster and easier than unfolding them and stacking them up to slice. One gets better after the first try eh :))
So into the hot controlled oil they go and…..

*sizzle* *sizzle* *sizzle*

It’s important that your oil is hot and not too “big”, you need to control your fire and once it turns golden brown, scoop them up, drain and you have your crabstick snack!

store up in an airtight container

As the snack is cooled and before storing, half of it went to our tummies! hahahaha….it’s so addictive that once you pop into your mouth, you just CAN’T STOP!

Now with this done, I need to go and get those mandarin oranges. Yikes! why is CNY coming so fast this year? I’ve not even catched my breath from Christmas. Let’s see if I managed to hang up some angpow made lanterns this weekend.

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