Senado Square @ Macau

Continuing from my recent Macau’s trip, I’ll be introducing some of the places of interest that we went.  First will be Macau’s Senado Square.  If you go to Macau and have not stepped foot into this place, you have not visited Macau.

Senado Square has been Macau’s urban center for centuries and it is still the most popular place for public events and celebrations today.  If you’re lost (will you ever??), just ask for direction to Senado Square and I’ll bet all bearings come back to you when you’re back at the square! :))
Senado Square became our daily evening visit for dinner after a day’s out sight-seeing in other parts of Macau.
our route to Senado Sqaure from our hotel
Narrow roads with bustling shops on both sides heading in to the heart of the square.

Arrived at a juncture where there’s road branching off into different directions.  Here you’ll see the crowd.  I noted that it’s always crowded and mind you this is a working weekday!  Weekends is horrible for you can’t see the road but only bobbing heads!! @.@

If you’re unsure where to branch off, fret not for there’s signages available :)
Spot that yellow building at the back?  It’s St Joseph’s Church.
St Joseph Church
St Joseph Church was completed in 1758 and went thru two renovations between 1953 and 2001.  We can enter the ground floor to view the church’s interior but was not allowed to go to upper floors.  It’s spacious and cooling inside.
a night view of St Joseph’s church
We opted to scout around the area before heading to Ruins of St Paul.  We ended at what I believe is the heart of Senado Square.  Look up and I’m amazed at all the tall buildings surrounding me.  Gave me the feel that I’m inside a little box! LOL
the fountain at Senado Square
Senado Square is surrounded by pastel coloured neo-classical buildings.  It creates a harmonious Mediterranean atmosphere.
Close to the fountain is the Holy House of Mercy.  Marked as one of Macau’s World Heritage site, the Holy House of Mercy was established by the first Bishop of Macau in 1569.
day view of Holy House of Mercy
night view of Holy House of Mercy
We ventured into one of the lanes and ended up at Sam Kai Vun Kun Temple.  This temple was originally a guild house of the three streets (sam kai) association – Rua dos Mercadores, Rua dos Ervanarios and Rua das Estalagens.  As it no longer function as a guild house association, it is now used as Kuan Tai temple.
With this we covered one part of Senado Square.  The other part see us heading to the Ruins of St Paul, another famous landmark of Macau.
night scene @Senado Sqaure
Next up :  Ruins of St Paul and Camoes Garden
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