Why I want a Havaianas!

What comes to mind when you hear “Havaianas“??

Hawaii, Hula Dance, Coconut Shells *wink wink wink* all starts floating in my mind hehehe….  Funky, Vibrant, Inspiring, Design also start flashing.  So yes Havaianas is THE ultimate choice to have for casual trendy wear.

 image from world wide web

Still no idea what is Havaians?  Havaians is the new trend of flip flops to have.  Got it?!!  Read more about it here.  So if you saw and read my prior post about how badly I want to attend The Butterfly Project SPA Party next month, you will also know that the dress code for the SPA Party is bathrobes and flip flops.  What better choice than to dorn a Havaianas with a cute bathrobe and be pampered from head to toe!

Why I want a Havaianas?  It’s not the traditional flip flop of white and blue soles.

image from world wide web

We are talking about Havaianas here.  It’s not the type where you usually find placed near toilets for you to wear, go in and do about your business.  This is Havaianas that you can wear to anywhere and have people looking at your feet not because they are smirking and laughing away but because it’s so trendy and awesome plus of good quality, it catches their eyes and wonder where you got that pair you are now wearing! 😛

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