Samsung Get-To-Know Bloggers Gathering

Just last week I headed down town braving the traffic to The Pool located at Jalan Ampang.  I was praying that traffic will be smooth that day.  Although I have a rough idea of where The Pool is located, I still use Waze to navigate my way over and am happy to say it brought me to using shortcuts which overtook all the jam and here I am at The Pool right on time!

The Pool is the venue for the Samsung Get-To-Know Bloggers Exclusive Gathering.  Weeks prior to this day, I was pretty excited and ready to party the night away.  Unfortunately though something cropped up that day and it left my mood pretty bad.

Pushing that issue aside, I still made my way over and the corporate colour of Samsung greeted me at the entrance.  There’s a balloon arch with hues of blue and white.  A really pretty sight!

After registration, there was a photobooth with props that we can take photos off (unlimited!!) and I had fun in the photobooth 😀

The interior of The Pool was spectacular as everything was decked out in blue and white.

Our MC of the night was Linora Low and this was followed by the opening by Donovan from Manoah Consulting, introducing the agenda for the evening.

Donovan from Manoah Consulting

We were also introduced to Samsung Management and Samsung Brand Managers who were there to mingle with everyone.  We were shown some videos of how Samsung has evolved throughout the years and I must say those videos are pretty awesome!



The Exclusive Gathering continued with Samsung Brand Managers and Bloggers mingling together over food and drinks.  Another highlight of that night was the introduction of Samsung’s TecTiles App which uses Samsung’s NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.  It basically lets you read and write TecTile NFC tags by just a simple gesture – tapping on the TecTiles sticker.  You are able to “instruct” your phone to update status, launches applications or even make phone calls with just a tap on the TecTiles sticker.

We had the chance of trying out Samsung’s TecTiles and there were two TecTiles to giveaway.  Bloggers need to read out from memory the messages that they get from posters that were put up around The Pool.

The night continued but the nagging issue that I had earlier on took a toll on me and I was not really in a sociable mood and I left earlier before the event ended.  All is not lost though as I did enjoy myself that night and would have enjoyed more if that issue left me in peace.

Thanks again to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for the invitation.  It was an eye opener for me and a chance to mingle with other bloggers, some familiar and some new faces.  The door gift is cool and I super love the photobooth pichas! 😛

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