Vanity Trove x Eau Thermale Avene Beauty Workshop

Two weekends ago on a sunny Saturday, I headed over to Bangsar to a cafe tucked away oblivious to traffic ~ Cafe Barbera, for a beauty workshop organised by Vanity Trove together with Avene Malaysia.  Here I’m about to explore the wonders of Thermal Spring Water.

While waiting for the rest to arrive, I sipped my cup of latte 😀  It’s sure is going to be an insightful and delightful morning with the other bloggers.

We were first introduced to the history of Avene.  Do you know that there’s actually a village in France called Avene Village?  Now you know and so do I!  Need to plan a visit to Avene Village and indulge myself from head to toe with the spring water.  I’m sure by the end of this post you will want to do the same!! :p

The therapeutic use of Avene Thermal Spring Water goes back a long way, more than 250 years!  It has been recognised for its soothing and softening properties on sensitive skin.  So if you’re having sensitive skin, take note!!  The curative powers of this water was discovered by chance and is now used in various treatment to treat server burns, skin rashes, eczema, scarring problems and atopic dermatitis.

It was indeed an insightful knowledge about Avene Thermal Spring Water.  I learned that water is routed directly from the source and sprays are filled in a sterile facility.  You are assured that you are getting water from the source itself untampered!  Imagine spraying a few mists on your face with that precious spring water.

In Avene Village itself, there’s a Hydrotheraphy Centre that has medically-controlled treatments which includes baths, jet-spray massage, pencil-thin jet showers and wrapping.  You can even drink Avene Thermal Spring Water.  It’s a good opportunity to pay this Hydrotheraphy Centre a visit and I’m sure after going thru the treatment, one will emerge having baby soft skin.

Ooh do take note that you should not shake the bottle before the spray.  Reason is that, the shake will diminish the nitrogen in the bottle that helps to “push” the water up.  You won’t want to waste a bottle of Avene Thermal Spring Water away now would you?

I was also surprised to learn that Avene not only have the Thermal Spring Water, it has a whole lot of other range of skincare that contains the Thermal Spring Water as well.  Whatever your skin type, there’s a solution and the range includes cleanser, make-up removers, toner, cream, lotion, scrub, mask and sunblock.

You just need to know your skin type and choose the right products to use.  Below photo shows the whole range available to pamper your skin in the comfort of your own home.

During the workshop, we were given the opportunity to try onsite the wonders of Avene Thermal Spring Water. We had a mask session! <3 <3

 After identifying the right type of product to use, I started the process and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Step 1: Cleanser and Make-Up Remover
Use the Cleanser and Make-Up Remover to cleanse and remove all traces of make-up on the face

Step 2: Gentle Gel Cleanser and Gentle Toner
Cleanse the entire face with the Gentle Gel Cleanser followed by toning using the Gentle Toner over the entire face

Step 3: Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray Pack
Spray over the entire face with Avene Thermal Spring Water

Step 4 :  Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray Pack and Paper Mask
Spray sufficient amount of Thermal Spring Water unto the paper mask until it is completely soaked

Step 5: Fit the paper mask onto your face.
Step 6: Take 2 pieces of cotton pad and spray sufficient amount of Thermal Spring Water and cover over both eyes.

Now sit back and relax for 15 mins.  Remove and dry your face before applying other products.  I applied the Light Hydrating Cream and Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+.  I have never felt so fresh before!

The brighter and fresher ME! :p

To my delight at the end of the workshop, each of us were given a CUSTOMISED skin care products of Avene for us to continue enjoying the benefits of Avene Thermal Spring Water at the comfort of our own home.

Thank you once again to Vanity Trove Malaysia and Avene Malaysia for this opportunity.

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