New Scott Calorie Light Premium Towel – lesser calories!!

I had a sudden cravings for fried chicken.  Never get bored with it, what about you? But too much of fried stuff is not healthy especially when you see oil stuck to the food.

During my round of groceries, I spotted the New Scott Calorie Light Premium Towel which boost of superior oil absorbency where it can reduce calorie intake from fat (oil) found on the surface of food by up to 25%!! IN goes two rolls of these into my trolley.

I got the chance today to try the New Scott Calorie Light Premium Towel.  I made fried chickens for dinner 😛  This is a simple marinating recipe that I got from my mum.  Most of the stuff are usually already available in your kitchen.

Recipe :

  • Chicken (whole chopped to bite sizes, drum sticks or wings – your choice)
  • Light Soya Sauce
  • Dark Soya Sauce
  • Pepper
  • Ginger Juice
  • Honey
  • Optional :  sprinkle some italian herbs

Method :

  • Wash and drain the chicken pieces.
  • Dab dry with Scott Premium Towel to rid of access water.
  • Marinate with light soya sauce, pepper, ginger juice and honey.  I add in a bit of dark soya sauce for colour.  Best to marinate for at least 3 hours.
  • Heat oil and once hot, fry till golden brown

Cleaned and wash chicken pieces

I used Scott Towel to “dry” my chicken as well.  Love that it doesn’t tear apart easily or get stucked to the chicken.

Marinate for at least 3 hours in order for the chicken meat to soak up the flavours.

Taa-daa fried chicken drumsticks sitting on Scott Towels where Scott Premium Towel soak up the excess oil.

Look at the amount of oil Scott Premium Towel soaked up!!  Ooh one thing to share is Scott Towel is also infused with green tea extract 😀  an ingredient that is long known and used for fat reduction.

And now my ready to serve Fried Chicken Drumsticks.

 *rings the bell*


Try it out yourselves the next time you are frying something.  Scott Premium Towel is a great kitchen helper!

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