Turtle Release Campaign @ Impiana Resort, Cherating

The recent Hari Raya Haji break saw us taking a beach break.  We went back to our favourite place in Cherating – Impiana Resort.  Over the years, we stayed at different hotels in Cherating but Impiana still remains our favourite 😀

We hit the pool in the evening and as I was registering to get our towels, I noticed a sign that says “Charity Turtle Release Campaign” at 6.45pm.  Ooh it perked up my interest and I’m sure my boys will be equally excited to have the chance to release a turtle. Enquired further and its RM15 for one turtle. Registered and enjoyed the pool while waiting for the clock to strike 6.45pm. We are to meet at the beach where we will be guided before the turtle release ceremony. Sharp at 6.45pm we were lined up at the beach and was given a short introduction.

Impiana Cherating Resort is the only resort that has teamed up with the Turtle Sanctuary in this Charity Turtle Release Campaign.  The campaign period runs from April to November.

After explaining to us the method to hold the turtle, we were given 1 minute for photo taking. Our turtles are only 3 days old! and thus we need to be really gentle to them.  Survival rate out in the vast sea is really slim due to the many predators both in the sea ie. big fishes and above ie. birds that regards these turtles as food.  But we need to release them to their home and inwardly I wish they will be able to find and meet their mother.  We also need to ensure that they don’t go extinct and our future generations is able to see them all fully grown! My next wish is to be able to witness turtle laying eggs.

On the signal of the horn, we all released our baby turtles and it’s a wonder to see them head out towards the sea directly.  Baby turtle, I wish you well.

Legoland Malaysia

Earlier this year during the June school break, we headed down South to Legoland Malaysia.  A destination that Cavan has been hoping to visit since it’s opening.  Prior to that as a means to save cost on the entrance ticket (kiasu mom mode on), I purchase a few packets of Mamee Monsters and cut out the coupon there coz each ticket I save 30% off!!  It’s even cheaper than purchasing online okay….. :p

We drove down South before the sun rose and arrives at Legoland Malaysia before it even open it’s doors LOL!! Kiasu-ness to the max! We needed to ensure we are able to purchase our tickets.  For coupon holders like us, we need to purchase the tickets at the ticket booth.  Since we’re too early, we went for breakfast, returned, bought our tickets (yay no que still so early!) and proceeded entry.

It’s either the small one holding the mum, or the mum holding the small one. Take your guess! :p

Morning part of the day was a breeze – no que or even if there’s que, it was less than 10-15 mins.  And it’s a Public Holiday mine you.  So not too bad. Second part of the day, still found it not too bad.  Although can see crowd, but the que was bearable.

By 10.30am I was drenched from head to toe after accompanying Cavan on this ride!…. Fun yes and wet, very very wet.  Couldn’t be bothered to change for the sun is scorching hot and we’re on our way for more rides 😀

See the way he clenched his fist? I think he’s really into the role.  It’s the Royal Joust anyway and since kids are not given any joust to hold, Caden held his imaginary joust throughout the ride! hahahaha…..

Big brother also had some fun ride in this (forgot the name). You get wind, water and FUN.

Both brothers then took separate ways to go Driving School.  Had a good laugh when Caden has problem stepping on the accelerator.  He was stomping on it and the car is not budging!  Finally he got the hang of it and went his way bumping here and there.

One ride together is on the aeroplane.  Mid-flight both are fighting for the control handle *sweat*  Ooh why both with caps is because it started to drizzle big drops of rain and both are adamant in playing and the operator allowed.  I’ve checked beforehand if it’s ok for them to wear caps due to safety and it’s all good to go as the swirl is not that fast.  Kiddos ride mah…

So we entered Legoland Malaysia from the moment doors are opened and left just slightly before they close their doors. It was an AWESOME FUN DAY for the whole family! 😀

Obligatory family photo before we said goodbye

But not before getting something for each of them at the Souvenir Shop.  They really do have strategy to place it before the exit to lure kids in and get parents to loose some $$$!!

Will we be back? Definitely!

Namiseom Island

Namiseom or basically Nami Island is one of the places that we want to go.  Although failed to get a bus ticket coz it’s sold out, we took the rail from Gongdeok Station, transferring along the way and reach Gapyeong Station before hailing a cab for a short 5 mins ride to the wharf to board our ferry to Nami Island.

All I can say is, not bad for a first timer who don’t know how to speak Korean language to take the rail and transfers and reach Nami in a piece! bravo to ourselves *slap on each other’s back!* 😛

Before boarding the ferry, one must purchase a “visa” which actually translate to entrance ticket.  Alas for us it was a rainy day that day. But still it did not deter us from ditching our plan to head into Nami Island.

Ooh saw those nice umbrellas we carried? It’s from the hotel we stayed.

You know you’re reaching Nami Island when you spot this mermaid.  Not too sure about her story but it’s a famous landmark to signal that you have reached Nami Island.

Namiseom or Nami Island is actually a half moon shaped isle that was formed as a result of the construction of the Cheongpyeong Dam. It’s famous for its lined pine tress.  K-drama Winter Sonata was also filmed here <3.  I could not say much about the drama for I found it to be draggy and ended up didn’t finish the whole drama.  What I remembered are those beautiful pines trees!

I found that throughout Nami Island, there’s a lot of art – abstract art which are all made from natural stuff such as rocks, woods, etc…

As I mentioned earlier, it was raining that day.  Throughout the day it was drizzling, heavy, drizzling…..  a really awful day!! :(  But but look at those lovely autumn hues and lined pine trees….  Holding an umbrella to take photos really stood in the way.  Mid-way when I found that the rain drops are not that heavy, I ditched the umbrella to have my photos taken hahaha….

Cold weather + rainy day makes us all hungry.  Spotted this stall selling steaming hot buns!  Just look at the steam when the pot cover was lifted.

Red bean bun to warm up our tummies. Everything tastes delicious when you’re cold and hungry 😀

One last shot before I end this post.  Most of the photos seems misty due to the rain but we all enjoyed ourselves and it would definitely be better if it’s not raining.