PLAY-DOH Month 2015 Roadshow

Remember our previous post on Play-Doh? So yeah we joined the Play-Doh Roadshow in 1 Utama and had a blast!See how excited he is? After registration we were each given 5 tubs of play-doh. Choose our spot, settled down and started! On the table, there was a ruler to aid you in your sculpture and a few cards with sample and instructions on what to create.

Getting serious now. The boy busy opening all the tubs up first. Easy to access the doh…

One obligatory pose for me first before you start ūüėõ

After going thru the samples provided, Caden decided to create a turtle.

As he was busy moulding, the mama (me!) was busy looking around. The crowd is really building up! Families with kids all enjoying sculpturing together. It was a great sight. Besides individual make-shift tables for us to sculptures, on-going were Play-Doh School where kids can learn how to make cupcakes and ice-creams with the Cupcake Celebration Playset and Swirl and Scoop Ice-Cream at the Sweet Shoppe!¬†Back to our own sculptures, it’s shaping up nicely… Once this is completed, Caden decided to sculpture his own stuff.¬†

He sculptured a robot and added finishing touches to it as his mind imagines it. ¬†It’s a really good way for children to unleash their creativity.

In the end, he created not 1 but 4 to have each sculpture representing each one of us in the family.

The turtle and hornbill is following the sample and instructions provided. The robot and snowman are his own creation.

I still remember a remark made by the person manning the submission when we submitted our pieces, particularly the Hornbill. He said nice Penguin!!! hahahahaha…… and both of us said NOoooooooo, that’s a Hornbill!

So what’s your take, does it look like a Penguin to you??

And here’s a pic of us together. Love it! Thanks to the official photographer for capturing this <3 <3

This roadshow reached what’s it aimed for on that day ~ Most Number of Play-Doh Sculptures Created in an Event. A total of 1,899 sculptures!! Whoo-hoo and we are proud to have contributed 4 sculptures to it.

PLAY-DOH : Shape a Colorful Community


What have you been doing with the kids? ¬†We received a stack of Play-Doh and got ourselves busy creating sculptures with it. ¬†In line with Play-Doh’s current campaign “Shape a ¬†Colourful Community” we created something that represents Malaysia with us just recently celebrating Malaysia Day, this is a great opportunity for the kids to think and come out with what they think Malaysia represents.


My cheeky just turned 6 years old boy with the stack of Play-Doh. Can’t wait to open and start sculpturing!


I found the quality of Play-Doh has improved tremendously when I was first introduced to it dragon years ago (yeah Play-Doh has been around for over 50 years! and no I’m not reaching fifties yet!! :p) It’s non sticky nor gives you a weird chemical odor. ¬†Easy to mould, I enjoyed my session sculpturing too.


Stacks of colourful Play-Dohs…

While sculpturing, we found that we are missing some colours that we need. ¬†So it’s reference to the colour wheel and best part about Play-Doh, you can mix and blend colors together to get a different colour!


So here it’s another great learning opportunity. ¬†Mix green and red will get you brown!


Tiny busy hands at work¬†sculpturing…..


Rolling away…Now what are we creating??

Before we show our masterpiece, join Play-Doh to create the best Play-Doh sculptures and be part of The Malaysia Book of Records attempt!

Play-Doh will be at 1 Utama Ground Floor Highstreet from September 21st to 27th where adults and children alike get the chance to create their own Malaysia-inspired masterpieces out of Play-Doh.  Participate in The Malaysia Book of Records attempt for the most Play-Doh sculptures created in a single day on September 26th (Saturday) and have it on display for all to admire. The most creative sculptures will win exciting Play-Doh prizes!

And now, presenting to your our Masterpieces of what Malaysia represents to us……


The World of Festivities where all race comes together to have big celebrations be it Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Hari Raya.



With festivities, comes food….. next creation that we will be embarking on will be all about food!

Don’t forget to join us at the Play-Doh Roadshow this coming Saturday, 26 September 2015 at 10am,¬†1 Utama Shopping Centre, Highstreet New Wing.

Let us all Shape a Colorful Community and celebrate Play-Doh Day! :)