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Saujana Ramadhan Feast Under the Stars

It’s the time of the month where every evening you see crowds gather at bazaar for Buka Puasa.  Yeah the Holy Month of Ramadhan is drawing near! :)

It’s been quite sometime since I went for a review and it feels good to be back on scene hahaha… Alas due to work and family commitment I can’t participate as much as I like too.  Alright back to what I’m supposed to share.  I went back to The Saujana Hotel to Feast under the Stars.

Stalls set-up in the outdoor area.  It’s always nice to dine al-fresco style when the weather is good.  And as the sky gets dark, it’s really lovely enjoying the cool breeze and star gazing while tucking in to yummy spread of food!! :P

Ohh there’s a traditional Ghazal musicians to add on to the evening’s enchantment serenading you the whole night away.

I never get bored with The Saujana Hotel’s spread.  Using the finest ingredients, the starter itself – Ulams has a wide variety. My usual pick would be the Kerabu Mangga Muda and a few pieces of lemang pulut ketupat with my favourite serunding daging.  Ohh thinking of it makes me salivate!

I’m a soup lover and always love soup laced with spices.  So I headed over to the station and got myself a bowl of Soup Tulang Gear Box!  Love how tender the meat was.  It was not too heavy with spice, the amount is just right!

Another common item during Ramadhan is the Bubur Lambuk.  Frankly I heard of this for years but never got the chance to try it myself.  Either it’s there and I missed it or too full by the end to try.  Thus this year I make it a point that that’s the first for me to try before I go on sampling other food.

Verdict :  Love it, super love it.  Already a porridge lover, this definitely add on to my list of must have first when I come across Bubur Lambuk.

The spread for main dishes is good.  From Ketam Masak Lemak Chili Padi, Gulai Masam Ikan Tenggiri with Terung Hijau to your usual daging rendang, I’m really spoilt for choice.  By the time I go round just scooping a spoonful of each, my platter is oozing with food!

Besides this, another attraction is the Whole Roasted Lamb which is so tender that I went for second round! ssshhhh….. There’s also a station where you get succulent grill items such as satay, fishes, ayam kolok etc…  Looking for something more local like roti canai, roti jala or murtabak?  You’ll find it in the spread as well.

Feeling quite full already but it does not deter me to check out the dessert stalls.  Lovely assortment.  Some are unique to the eyes.

I always love fresh fruits and when I saw this stall …….

I went ga-ga and couldn’t help but spent quite a long time here taking my time choosing and picking the fruits I want.  I feel like I’m having a fruits buffet.

Tantalise you yet?  Ramadhan is just around the corner.  Think no more and start your bookings.  Price for adults per person at RM115++ and child (age 6-12 years) at RM57.50++

It”s great to gather family and friends alike to just Feast Under The Stars.

Ramadhan Feast under the Stars
The Saujana Hotel
(T) 603 – 78431234
FB : fb.com/TheSaujanaHotelKualaLumpur

Far Infrared Treatment (FIR) @ Damansara Perdana

This is gonna be a short post of what I’ve been upto recently.  Work life is taking most of my time thus the lack of updates…..

I’ve been reading and following about this treatment – FIR which stands for Far Infrared Treatment which uses far end spectrum of the sunlight waves to improve circulation, heart condition, fitness and detoxification.

After having following the threads in one of the FB group, I decided to sign up and give it a go!  Nothing to lose but just sweats ^.^ which convert it to detoxify.

Frankly after the first session, I don’t feel much difference but hey it’s only the first treatment, I don’t expect too much change.  Sweat yes, definitely but I didn’t sweat buckets after buckets.

Control panel of the temperature set according to your body

Continued to go for my FIR sessions and I try to go at least 2-3 times a week where my schedule allowed me too.  2nd session was much much better.  My pores started opening and I sweat! I meant really really sweat! I continued to sweat on my drive back home!! * please remember to bring your own towel *

inside of the cabin where a jug of water is provided for you to keep yourself hydrate throughout the session

I started to enjoy my FIR treatment and the 30 mins session seems to passed by quickly.  I’m able to read and listen to music inside the cabin thus am not bored at all just sitting and starting into space.  Think I’ll bring my phone in next time (allowed?) and I can surf the net then :P

overview of the FIR cabin

After having missed my FIR treatment last week, I can’t wait to get back to my schedule and start fitting in FIR appointments!  Sweat here I come!!….. :D

Return To Zero Lifetime Movie Preview

I had a chance to preview Return to Zero, based on a true story which tells the story of a successful couple, Maggie and Aaron who are preparing for the arrival of their first child.  Just weeks before their due date they are devastated to discover that their baby son has died in the womb and will be stillborn.

The two attempt to go on with their lives but cannot escape their postpartum grief and their relationship has been forever altered by this loss.  They try to cope in a myriad of ways – through denial, escape and alcohol…

This brought me back to ponder during both my pregnancy that I’ve been blessed with a smooth pregnancy journey.  I could not imagine the pain couples has to go thru losing a baby.  I still remember vividly when I discovered that I was pregnant and my gynae would tell me come back again at 8 weeks for we need to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

It will be painful to accept if after weeks into the pregnancy and there’s no detection of the heartbeat, what more if you are already going to due at 8 – 9 months only to discover that you lost your baby’s heartbeat.  No words can described those feelings.

A scene from the movie during the memorial service where friends and family paid tribute.  These words struck me really deep :  ”This child never knew anything but LOVE.  He was never hungry, he was never cold….”

How true for a child is sheltered with all the love from his parents even while in the womb.  He knows no pain, hunger nor cold but just warmth and love.

I’m not going to share the whole story.  I believe you need to watch it yourself to feel the emotions the couple went thru.  Things like these happens to a lot more couples than you think.

How did Maggie and Aaron move on with their lives and would they have a 2nd chance of pregnancy?  Find out yourself as Return to Zero will be premiering tomorrow, May 20th on Lifetime Channel (Ch 709 on Astro) at 8pm.