Homemade Chocolate Cups

We had a family gathering for Winter Solstice cum Christmas end of last year.  It was a pot luck event and I made appetiser and dessert.

Appetizer was something simple as I prepared devilled eggs but instead of spicy, I made the filling with guocomole which suited the kids well.

As for dessert it needed more preparatory time. Inspired by pin interest, I tried my hand at making chocolate cups : D


Bought water balloons and pump them into the size that I want. Off course I wash the surface for it needs to be dipped into melted chocolate.

Double boiled the chocolate to melt it and then I started dipping the balloons into the melted chocolate and set it aside to cool before transferring it the freezer to harden it.

IMG_7845Once harden, prickle balloon and remove the remains of balloon. You will be left with your chocolate cup. I filled it with ice-cream and serve immediately.


Highlights of 2014

2014 saw me started on a different routine where my kids and family became my sole priority.  Work wise, workload increased significantly ^.^ Blogging took a backseat.  Really really backseat and I missed joining my fellow bloggers. Anyway, here are my highlights for the Year 2014.


I welcomed with 2014 by taking a deep breath and walked right into the New Year!


Had lovely gatherings with family and friends during CNY.  As with the start of any New Year, it’s all about gatherings, celebrations and F.O.O.D!! :P

MARCH 2014

Started March with sad news of the still missing MH370 enroute to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

Few weeks later, accompanied my MIL to visit her hometown in China.  Visited the county where we usually buy our Mandarin Oranges from, the Yong Chun county and also visited Xiamen.

APRIL 2014

April was pretty quiet. There was a Business Trip to Singapore. Met up with my SIL and had a lovely dinner at Boat Quay.

MAY 2014

Went for fine dining with the hubs, just the two of us at Lafite, Shangri-la. It was awesome!

Also had a 3-in-1 celebration for Mother’s Day, Brother’s Birthday and mine at home.

Packed in a holiday with friends to Bangkok and visited Hua Hin as well admist the political situation in Bangkok.

JUNE 2014

Went for another Business Trip, this time to Europe! Unexpected and unplanned. “Dragged” hubs along and make full used of the entire trip.  Visited Munich (day trip).  Took the rail from Nuremberg, Germany. A great experience!… After my conference was over, we extended and holiday-ed at Amsterdam. My dream came true to see and walk inside a working windmill <3 <3

JULY 2014

The month where another Malaysian airplane was reported to be shot downed over war-striken Ukraine. Another very sad month and I count my blessings for I was on the same route from Europe to Malaysia just two weeks before this incident took place.


Had a sneak peek at my boy’s concert costume when his kindy posted in FB :D


My baby turns 5 this month.

We also went down South to attend my bff’s ROM.


Went for a break with my family and release turtle for the first time.


Took part in my boy’s school charity walk/run as a family. Glad to report we all made it to the finish line :D

Cavan turns 9 this month.


Had a good Christmas celebration with friends over lunch.

Anticipating New Year when we were hit with the news of another airplane went missing. This time is Air Asia’s.  Search and recovery is still on-going as we stepped into the new year.

It has been a really bittersweet year for me.  Extremely bad for my country with 3 airplanes disaster, floods etc..  Personally it has been a rather fulfilling year especially with my travels abroad and within Malaysia.

I’m keeping lovely memories with me as I stepped into the New Year and hope that the New Year will bring move positive news and impact into our lives and nation.


Alcon FRESHLOOK ColourBlends

Have you ever been curious about coloured contact lenses?  They say curiosity kills the cat and it killed me! hehehe….. I took a deep breath and decided to try Alcon’s FreshLook ColourBlends contact lenses on and see how it looked like on me :P

It really “eye-catching” ain’t it even on brochure those sparking shimmering eyes batting at you. So my curiosity told me to go for something more subtle so that I don’t scare those around me when they look at me in the eyes.

FreshLook ColorBlends contact lens range by Ciba Vision, which is currently known as Alcon Vision Care

Amidst a choice 12 colours available, I opted for the Gray.  My natural eye color is brown thus I wonder how does the gray has it effect on my natural eye colour.

natural eye colour

Aish the pics turn out blur when I enlarge the eye area thus one look you see it more like black but I can assure you it’s brown, that’s my natural eye colour.

Spot any difference now? Scroll up and back down a bit to spot the difference.  Yeah yeah, immediate difference with the FreshLook ColourBlends in Gray.  My right eye seemed lighter in shade and bigger now heh….

And now both eyes are with FreshLook ColourBlends in Gray.  Ain’t my “not alive” eyes suddenly became “very much alive” now, best part I love that it made my eyes looked sparkler and bigger!!

Are you curious already to give it a try?  Some facts about Alcon FreshLook ColourBlends :

  • Contain a 3-in-1 Colour Technology; meaning it blends 3 colours into one to create the most natural, subtle eye colour change

  • From the diagram above, you notice that it contains a unique starburst pattern which blends the coloured ring seamlessly into the iris

This is how my pair of FreshLook ColourBlends in Gray looks like.  A real beauty on its own.

Noticed the Outer Starburst, Primary Colour and Inner Starburst? :D

Bigger sparkler eyes. Inset : enlarged and noticed the colour?

So what does this means to my curiosity?

  1. First it felt comfortable, I don’t feel as tho I’m wearing any contact lenses at all.  Thus moisture is sufficient for me. I wore it for 8 hours.
  2. Easy to put on and take off.  I didn’t have any struggle with the lenses.
  3. Vision was crystal clear.  With the 3-in-1 Colour Technology of Outer Starburst, Primary Colour and Inner Starburst, I didn’t see any shadow whatsoever during my time wearing it.
  4. Love how it enhances my eyes to be bigger and sparkler. From the picture above my usual “sepet” eyes became bigger :P
  5. Love the reaction when a friend look closer and directly into your eyes and say “Hey, you seem different today.  Your eyes your eyes….. and it became a subject on its own :P
  6. Definite an “eye puller” and a great “accessory” to have during functions, events and dinner.

12 colours to choose from for naturally beautiful dark or light eyes.  I’m definitely keeping a few on hand for that special occasion!  It’s catered for those with or without vision correction.  The RRP is RM84.00. Look out for it at your usual eye care professional during your next shopping trip.

As the world leader in eye care, and the second largest division of the Novartis Group, Alcon Vision Care is committed to advancing innovation and addressing unmet patient needs for patients around the world.

For more information and queries, you may contact Alcon at +603 7880 0650.

Images without life-muses.com watermark was taken from Alcon