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Heritage Village, Publika

There’s a lot of hidden gems in Publika and one such gem that I came across is Heritage Village. Love the deco on the roof. Can you spot what it is?

Woven rattan basket! I find that it gives that local Malaysian touch to it :D

Now let’s check out what’s available and tuck in.  I was famish that time and couldn’t wait to start.

3-layer tea, apple juice, 8 treasure herbal tea, cincau with rose syrup and lemongrass drink are amongst the drinks available on their menu.  My pick would always be the 8 treasure herbal tea.  It’s a drink that’s hard to comeby in KL and when I spot it, I’ll always order this without fail each time.

Started off with some appetizers.  We had a plate of Fruits Rojak.  The shrimp paste aplenty that tastes as good as it look.  I think I had half of this to myself while the rest were busy chatting. Sshhhh…..

Then came delectable Pie-Tees.  Another favourite of mine as well.  Made of crispy tophat-liked cracker filled with stir fried sengkuang and carrots, topped it off with some chili sauce and it’s good to get into my mouth!

Another appetizer or snack platter to try is the Heritage Lor Bak Platter.  Here you will be served with chicken lor bak, century egg and fried tofu.  Dip it into the sauces and you’re good to go.

Onto the mains now…..

My top pick would be the Heritage Asam Laksa.  Thick rice noodles served in aromatic fish-based tamarind broth topped with shredded pineapple, cucumber, mint leaves, lemongrass, onion, lettuce and assam flower. I’ll usually add in a spoonful of shrimp paste and voila, you’ll get a bowlful of superb bursting flavours!

Heritage Har Mee (aka Prawn Mee).  Consist of a combination of yellow noodle and vermicelli boiled in prawn broth served with fresh prawns, boiled egg, bean sprout and kangkung.  Prawns lovers would love it.  Personally I would prefer the broth to be thicker and the prawn broth.

I find it amusing that when you have Har-Mee, the partner that is available is usually the Curry Mee. Here’s Nyonya Curry Mee comes in light coconut milk served with cockles, tofu puffs, brown squid, fish cake, prawns and mint leaves.

I’m sure for those who have savoured Char Koay Teow in Penang would know that it tastes much more better with duck egg.  Here in Heritage Village, you get this right here in KL!  Heritage Duck Egg Char Koay Teow is flat rice noodles fried with cockles, prawns, fish cake, bean sprouts and salted duck egg.  Ooohh yumz… now I know where to fulfil my cravings of this!

Now for some main staple of our country – rice based.

Nasi Lemak King Combo – this comes with sambal sotong, chicken rendang and acar awak.  Ooh I love this. Anytime of the day, Nasi Lemak is good for me.

Before I can go on further with the Nasi Lemak King Combo, this next Nasi Lemak Acar Fish was presented and I’ll think I’ll pick this the next time I’m here in Heritage Village.  A fish lover, I found the pickled fish in tumeric’s vinegar sauce is refreshing and really appetizing.

One of the condiments that comes with this is the Jui Hu Char (left pile of vegetables on the left of the photo).  It is a nyonya dish that is made from sengkuang, carrots, dried squid and mushrooms.  Usually served during festive occassion, I can just wrap this up with lettuce and have it on it’s own.

Being a spicy food lover, this goes down well, really really well with me.  I give this my two thumbs up! Asam Pedas Fish comes in sour and spicy stew fish (catch of the day).  Served with rice, this alone is a very satisfying meal.

For simpler fast meal, one can also opt try the Otak Fried Rice.  Using otak-otak as the based, it is fried with egg and chicken. Otak-otak lovers would definitely love this.

The owner was kind to let us try some of the other dishes as well such as the Chicken Curry Kapitan (a dry style nyonya chicken curry with no coconut milk),  Pong Tay Chicken (nyonya style chicken and potato stew cooked in sweet bean paste) and Black Stew Chicken (braised thick soya chicken).

After a good meal, it’s always good to wind down with some desserts.  Our pick of the night :

Cendol in gula melaka.  The palm sugar is the one that makes the difference compared to the normal sugar.

Ais Kacang – a good bowl where you find a lot of “treasures” in it.  I like to share my bow. of Ais Kacang as I always cannot finish a bowl by myself.
So now when you’re in Publika and thinking of what and where to eat, head over to Heritage Village located Solaris Dutamas and indulge in some good food!
Heritage Village 
A2-G2-01 (Publika)
1 Jalan Dutamas
Solaris Dutamas
(T) 603 – 6206 1749
Facebook : fb.com/heritagev

Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill Gallery KL

Everyone is now at the stage of busy attending “Sou Gong” lunch or dinner and also planning where to go and what to do during CNY as it’s just a few days away!

Are you one of them in planning where to go and what to do during the first few days of CNY?  Those that stayed back in the city will usually find that the city roads are quieter,  no traffic jam!! I usually love to head down town to the “Golden Triangle” for sight seeing and window shopping.  Off course, not only sight seeing and shopping, we also want to find a place where we can fill our tummy with good food! :D

Head over to Starhill Gallery – Luk Yu Tea House.  Love the ambience here and it’s definitely the place to be during CNY with your family for that traditional feel.

Dining chinese, you can’t miss ordering a pot of tea to ease digestion and cleansing.  Order a pot of flower tea and get the kids to watch in awe as flowers slowly blossoms up.  I enjoy it myself too.  Quite a fascination I would say :P

Lily Jasmine Tea

Start off with some dim sums.  Luk Yu Tea House is famed for it’s dim sum and I must say I love it!  Not stingy on their fillings, you get satisfaction out of each bite.

 Steamed Scallop Dumpling

Steamed Chicken and Prawn Dumpling “Siew Mai”

Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling “Har Kau”

Wok-Fried Radish Cake with Egg and Bean Sprout

Deep-Fried Yam Puff with Chicken and Mushroom

Here’s some of my favourite orders whenever I’m having dim sum :D

Now for a twist, during CNY Luk Yu Tea House have prepared some CNY specialty dishes.  One can opt to have any one of these.  I tell you my favourite at the end of the post ;)

Aromatic Roasted Crispy Pigeon served with Crackers

An entire roasted crispy pigeon in front of me!  Whoa…. I love having pigeon and it’s quite hard to find a good place that serve this.

Marinated with garlic and two types of chinese wine namely the siu heng wine and rose wine.  Now commonly dishes uses siu heng wine to enhance the flavour.  For me it’s quite seldom i hear about rose wine and when i took a piece of the crispy pigeon, the rose aroma could be smelled and the tender meat infused with both wine is really a dish that you should try.  I kid you not, I smelled roses <3

Chinese Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom in Superior Soup

First glance, it looked like a blossoming flower in the middle of the bowl of soup. Chinese loves their soup and once cannot miss not having it.  The mushroom that comes with it lends it a distinctive character and flavour.

Braised Dried Oyster and Chinese Mushroom served with Broccoli

Oyster is quite a significant dish that you see during CNY for it meant to bring “good news”.  Personally I prefer fresh oyster over dried ones but hey I love the sauce and the other complements that come with this dish.

Seafood Treasure stuff in Beancurd Skin served with Seasonal Vegetables

Akin to money bag, you find a lot of seafood goodies contained in this stuffed Beancurd Skin.  I found my treasure of prawn, scallop, shimeiji mushroom amongst other.  Find yours and tell me what’s your treasure :p

Stir-Fried Tiger Prawn with Lemongrass & Curry Leaf served on a bed Lady Fingers and Eggplant

Aahhh….after seeing the above, for those who like some kicks in their dishes, would be delighted to know that Luk Yu Tea House served this dish as well.  Spicy and frangrant, this is best to have with a bowl of hot steaming rice but I can always just have my prawns on its own.

Luk Yu Tea House Chinese New Year Special Menu

While dining in Luk Yu Tea House, try to spot Chef Loong, he’s the man behind the menu.

Chef Loong

Luk Yu Tea House
Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(T)  603 – 2782 3850

“Sou Gong” & Chinese New Year Oriental Delicacies at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

We are two weeks away from Chinese New Year where we will usher in the Stallion this year.  Have you had your “Sou Gong” Feast already?

I had an early “Sou Gong” Feast at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya’s Ee Chinese Cuisine recently and enjoyed it tremendously while reflecting the past year and also the present company of those who were with me in tossing to better health and wealth for the coming year!

Let’s start and see what Ee Chinese Cuisine has to offer :

We started off with the customary dish during CNY, a favourite dish of mine.  I can just have this daily throughout the 15 days of CNY! That’s how much I like it :P

Beautiful salmon presented as flowers on a stalk.

Salmon with Rice Crackers “Yee Sang”.  No doubt, “Yee Sang” is a raw fish salad that’s become the favoured entree for many Chinese families during Chinese New Year.  Coming together and sharing the good wishes for life, everyone will toss as high as they can for better health, wealth and prosperity!

Besides the signature Rice Crackers “Yee Sang”, one can opt for abalone, white tuna as well as sea bird’s nest.

We also had Double Boiled Shark’s Bone Soup which is served individually.  I must say that Ee Chinese Cuisine Double Boiled Soup never fails to impress me.

Next up is the Stewed “Gui Fei” Farm Chicken.  Succulent tender chicken meat came with strong aroma of chinese wine.

This one had me going “ooh and ahhh”. Huge Oven Baked King River Prawn with Cheese Sauce.  Oh my, I’m drooling as I’m writing this.  This was a fabulous piece and those dining that night, kept checking out our partner’s prawn to see who get the biggest piece! LOL!!

I love Cod Fish and usually had it steamed.  The version I had at Ee Chinese Cuisine is Steamed Cod Fish with Bean Curd Skin & Golden Garlic in Soya Sauce.  Well the title only mentioned steamed but what we had was both steamed and fried.

Found the fried version not too bad for it brought out the aroma of the fish.  Personal preference, I still prefer it steamed.

Money bag style, this contains Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Dried Oysters with Vegetables.  See the glittering gold on top, it’s edible.  Huat huat ahhh!!

Another favourite of mine is the Stewed Fragrant Rice with Preserved Meat.  Generous amount of preserved meat is placed on top of the rice and mix well together.  Om nom nom nom…

The night ended too quickly for we then had Double Boiled Lotus Seed with Glutinous Rice Dumpling and Flower which is served together with Special Homemade Dessert.

A “tong sui” dessert lover, I love the double boiled lotus seed for it was not too sweet and brought with it a hint of osmanthus.  The Special Homemade Dessert is actually a pineapple cake served atop a coconut grated cake.

Make your reservations now to “Sou Gong” and bid the Year of Snake adios and usher in the Year of Horse!

Ee Chinese Cuisine
13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya
(T) 603 – 7665 1111