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Turtle Release Campaign @ Impiana Resort, Cherating

The recent Hari Raya Haji break saw us taking a beach break.  We went back to our favourite place in Cherating – Impiana Resort.  Over the years, we stayed at different hotels in Cherating but Impiana still remains our favourite :D

We hit the pool in the evening and as I was registering to get our towels, I noticed a sign that says “Charity Turtle Release Campaign” at 6.45pm.  Ooh it perked up my interest and I’m sure my boys will be equally excited to have the chance to release a turtle. Enquired further and its RM15 for one turtle. Registered and enjoyed the pool while waiting for the clock to strike 6.45pm. We are to meet at the beach where we will be guided before the turtle release ceremony. Sharp at 6.45pm we were lined up at the beach and was given a short introduction.

Impiana Cherating Resort is the only resort that has teamed up with the Turtle Sanctuary in this Charity Turtle Release Campaign.  The campaign period runs from April to November.

After explaining to us the method to hold the turtle, we were given 1 minute for photo taking. Our turtles are only 3 days old! and thus we need to be really gentle to them.  Survival rate out in the vast sea is really slim due to the many predators both in the sea ie. big fishes and above ie. birds that regards these turtles as food.  But we need to release them to their home and inwardly I wish they will be able to find and meet their mother.  We also need to ensure that they don’t go extinct and our future generations is able to see them all fully grown! My next wish is to be able to witness turtle laying eggs.

On the signal of the horn, we all released our baby turtles and it’s a wonder to see them head out towards the sea directly.  Baby turtle, I wish you well.

SOULed OUT Bangsar South

It’s been quite awhile since I join my fellow foodies on a food review.  I had the chance two weeks ago and we met at SOULed OUT Bangsar South.

It was my first time venturing into Bangsar South area and I’m awed at the development taken place there!  So many new buildings and then I spotted SOULed OUT.  They occupy quite a big al-freso area so definitely can’t miss them.

After being seated, I ordered my drink – an Assam Boi Mojito. Unique eh whereas other partners in crime ordered Lychee Mojito, Apply Mojito etc… SOULed OUT Bangsar South has a long list – 14 choices if I’m not mistaken, and it was rather hard to choose one but I settled for Assam Boi :D

Refreshing mojito to start off my evening. Mojito mixed with the sweet sour of assam boi really refreshes and quenches my thirst.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we munched on Cheese Nachos.  Truthfully, I would prefer if there’s more salsa and one missing item I find is the Guacamole. Other then that, it’s nice to munch and sip on my mojito.

As the rest arrives so does our food.  Here comes the Satay – beef & chicken.  Both meat are tender and juicy.  We have 2 rounds of this as once it’s arrives, it gets snatch up pretty fast!

Another much love item is the Deep Fried Calamari.  I don’t think anyone will give this a miss if presented.  The calamari is not rubberish at all.  Tender crispy I can just pop into continuously in my mouth!

We also tried the Mango Prawn Salad and Summertime Salad.  Juicy succulent prawns and mangoes can be seen on the platter. My preference would be the Summertime Salad.  Just looking at it put a smile on my face. Vibrant colours ensures that I eat healthy with all the right food colour combination hehehe…  Love the dressing to as it’s tangy and depicts Summer! :p

We then are ready to move on to the mains.  Let’s go thru pastas and noodle before going to the meaty heavy stuff.

Duck & Sundried Tomato Pasta.  This was my favourite pasta that night.  Just the right amount of duck and sundried tomato, I went for a few helpings (sorry my friends for hogging this).  The smoked duck really enhances the pasta well.

Soft Shell Crab Pasta.  I’m not one that fancy cream based pasta but I can’t help but to try this as everyone is exclaiming “This is sooooo good!” after a mouthful.  So I got curious and tried and whoa, although it’s cream based, it is really really good!!!  So cream based lovers, you need to try this!  The pasta soaked up the sauce beautifully.

Another option of pasta is the Pan Seared Grouper.  Super like the thickness of the grouper.  I like my fish to be meaty and of course it has to be fresh.

More on the local tastebud, unbelievable but you can find Pad Thai right smack in SOULed OUT!  Not only it looked nice but it tastes fabulous!  I enjoyed tossing the various condiments before tucking into my Pad Thai.  Now I don’t have to fly all the way to Thailand but drive over to SOULed OUT to have my Pad Thai cravings.

For curry and mutton lovers, you can go for Mutton Varuval.  Full of spices, it’s sure to have your taste bud wanting for more.

Butter Chicken is another option that you can choose.  Love the deep creamy butter flavour that goes well with the rice.

Lamb Shank, a sigh to behold.  I always love looking at how chef present Lamb Shank.  The way it’s presented just make me wanna sink my teeth into it.  Tender meat, don’t forget to have the roasted veggies at the bottom which soaks up the essence of the lamb well.

Enough of mains and I’m ready to head on to dessert time! Who doesn’t love dessert?  There were 3 choices.  For the Appetisers and Mains, we shared so that we can savour more dishes but for dessert, it’s individual as each of us can’t bear the thought to share dessert hahaha!!

Can you guess which choice I had?

Lava Cake

Lava Cake beautifully presented with a dallop of ice-cream on top.  Alas, I could not see the oozing of the lava as it got mixed with the ice-cream.  Nevertheless it’s still a heavenly Lava Cake to have.  A real comfort food. If chocolate is your best friend, this is the one to go for.

Gula Melaka Jackfruit Cheesecake

Now there’s so many varieties of cheesecake around but have your tried a Gula Melaka Jackfruit Cheesecake?  This is my first time encountering this flavour.

You will be presented with the cheesecake and jackfruit on a platter and a small glass of gula melaka at the side.  Before savouring your dessert, pour the gula melaka over the cheesecake and then tuck in!  I find the taste unique.  Yes I tasted gula melaka mixed with cheesecake thus the cheese is not really enhanced here. As you know jackfruit has a strong flavour and could linger really long.

Tropical Pavlova

Such a beauty right?  Too beautiful to tuck into and spoil the look of it. Am I right? :D  Tropical Pavlova, a really light dessert to end the night.  Sweet?  Of course its sweet, which pavlova isn’t sweet.  The trick is to have the pavlova with the passion fruit sauce which is sour.  So sweet + sour will give you a just right taste!

Yea I opted for Tropical Pavlova that night.  I noted that the group of us loves chocolate and cheesecake which made me the ONLY ONE who opted for Tropical Pavlova.  So when it arrives, everyone went ooh ahhh at the beauty of it hahahaha…..  Generous me offered each one to try and I’m pretty happy with my choice.  I will definitely go for Tropical Pavlova again when I’m back at SOULed OUT Bangsar South!

And just went I thought I went seventh heaven after such a sinful indulge, we got to try the Rainbow Shooters! woo-hoo!! I still don’t get the trick how each cup is of a different colour when they filled it in.  Do you? Please share with me.

To drink this, choose your colour and gulp it down in one shot.  You’re not supposed to let it linger long nor sip it bit by bit.  After downing it in a shot, eat the strawberry :P

Needless to say after mojito and this, I think I went a bit “weng-weng” that night. Luckily I’m not driving hahahaa….

SOULed OUT Bangsar South – the 3rd outlet besides Sr Harts and Ampang spreads its “As Good As A Hug” philosophy.  Near this area, don’t forget to head over to SOULed OUT and enjoy!

SOULed OUT Bangsar South
G11-12 Nexus Bangsar South
7 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur
(T) 603 – 2242 3308

Mom’s Time Out

There’s an upcoming Lifetime production titled Mom’s Time Out! It is a social media experiment where 3 moms from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines are send off on a 5-day getaway leaving the daddies taking charge of the family at home!!  Whoa…. this is really interesting….

 I’m really perked up and look forward to this as I’ve turned my schedule around this year where I goes off early to work right after dropping off my boy in school.  Get in early means getting out earlier so that I can then pick him up and then this is where my “2nd job” starts of fetching him to and from his evening classes.  Talk about stress!  Why are kids schedule like these nowadays?  All these just for him to be able to cope with his school work! This is also the reason why I’m pretty quiet this year in my blogging sphere….just no energy to stay up at night…

OK back to the topic on hand, Mom’s Time Out will be shown this coming Thursday, August 28th at 9pm on Lifetime Channel (Astro CH 709).  Be sure to tune in and catch it for I’m sure mom’s out there, you will at times wish to change role with the dad’s and see how well they cope and also to drive thru some solid points on how well they can handle their own kids!  Agree? ;)

Preview :

Besides the screening on Lifetime Channel (Astro CH 709), there’s a 2nd screen experience where you and me (yes! I’m gonna take part hehehe) can win a 3D2N stay at Angsana Lang Co in Vietnam!! woo-hoo!!

I’ve downloaded the app and let’s take part in the weekly discussion. We learn from each other kay?